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How to Stop Emotional Eating
Free Masterclass | Thursday, June 29th 7 PM EST

Join Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Christy Romano, and Binge Eating & Overeating Coach, Amber Abila, to learn about how to stop going to food for comfort and process your emotions in a healthier way! 

BONUS: Attend the class LIVE and you'll be eligible for a free 3o minute coaching session! If you can't make it live though, don't worry. A recording will be sent out to all who registered.

This Masterclass Is For You If...

You find it hard to process your emotions and run to food for comfort, boredom or distraction

You feel guilty if you overeat and are constantly beating yourself up

You're tired of thinking about your diet 24/7 and want to feel normal around food again

nutritionrefresh_208335117_399427158029036_8647144951361155024_n (3).jpg
What You'll Learn:

Common triggers for emotional eating

Why it's important to stop running to food for comfort


A 3 step process to break free from eating your emotions

How to move forward when you slip up

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