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6 Week Group Challenge

The Healthy Perfectionist
Next round starts June 19th, 2023.
Ready to get back on track with your nutrition and say goodbye to anxiety & stress?
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Calling all perfectionists! This coaching program is for you if...
  • You’re either “all in” or “all out” with your nutrition. You struggle to find that place of balance where you can enjoy foods without guilt, but still prioritize your health goals

  • You’re full of anxiety and stress. You crave more self care, but have trouble slowing down and resting

  • You love making plans to achieve your health goals, but struggle to actually follow through long enough to see progress

  • Your inner mean girl has gotten a little too loud. You have been picking apart how you look in the mirror and beat yourself up when you fall off track




Honestly, I loved every part of this program!! I learned so many things……better habits, things my body likes and doesn’t like, how to do better, but MOST of all, I really looked forward to our calls each week. It was nice to feel comfortable and be vulnerable with such beautiful ladies. I felt like everyone was rooting for me and genuinely listening and relating without judgement. It warmed my heart and made me feel better each week! EVERYONE struggles with food, mindset and self care sometimes. I learned I am still making progress even if I’m not perfect!  I am learning to listen to my body and have more patience and grace with myself. 



My biggest mindset breakthrough was that I don't have to punish myself if I have a “bad day”. For so long, I felt that, if I "fell off the wagon" I was "failing" which, sadly, led to an all-or-nothing mindset. These last 6 weeks have proven to me that I'm not a "failure" because I slipped up. I'm doing the best that I can and I HAVE to take it one day at a time and think more small scale because the small wins will lead to the large wins!!  My favorite part about the challenge had to be the group calls. I loved learning that I'm not alone in my journey and that others also struggle to achieve "perfection". I've learned that community is really my favorite part and it helps to remind me that I'm human. 

An Inside Look at What to Expect! 

What You'll Learn

  • How to improve your time management to prioritize your mental and physical health

  • How to persist with your goals and offer yourself grace when things don't go as planned 

  • How to invite more flexibility into your health journey while still staying on track with your goals

​What We'll Be Doing 

  • Setting small action steps that you can confidently accomplish without adding more stress to your plate.

  • Following a 6 Week Anti-Inflammatory Whole Foods Meal Plan to make sure you're getting proper nutrition (optional)

  • Prioritizing daily self-care WITHOUT guilt 

​The Results You'll Have! 

  • Feeling more positive, confident and energized in your body

  • Moving through your days with a sense of peace 

  • A better relationship with food

  • The foundation to sustain your habits and continue making progress on your own

  • 6 Weekly 1 Hour Zoom Coaching Calls (Recorded if you can't make it!)

  • Facebook Group for Support and Accountability 

  • 6 Week Anti-Inflammatory Whole Food Meal Plan w/ Grocery Lists

  • BONUS Daily Self-Care Calendar

  • BONUS Body Image Journaling Workbook

The Details


I’ve accomplished so many things! I’ve been more consistent on my health journey and started to meal prep more. I’m giving myself more grace and acceptance of myself and my body and am being much more positive! One of my biggest breakthroughs, was not binging on junk food on hard days. I’ve been keeping my emotions in check and that is huge for me.



I’ve been able to increase my calories, drink more water, and am learning to speak better to myself! It’s amazing how we can think so negatively about ourselves, when the outside world sees us so differently. I loved meeting all of the ladies in this group and really enjoyed watching everyone grow over the 6 weeks!



I had so much fun with every group call. The ladies were amazing in this group. I really enjoyed seeing other people struggle with the same issues as me and it allowed for a different perspective and to see how they handled it. During this time I got off medication, I had some huge body image breakthroughs, and I genuinely feel happier! 

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Meal Plan Details:

This meal plan is an optional resource for you to utilize during the program; it is not a requirement! If you wish to plan out your own meals weekly that is perfectly fine :) We will hold you accountable to the approach you wish to take!

  • Easy to make recipes with 10 ingredients or less (Max time to prepare meals is 30 minutes)

  • Daily calories range from 1800 - 2000 and meals are based off of a high protein, moderate carb/fat ratio. Days are set up with 3 meals and 1-2 snacks.

  • Customizable options so you can easily swap ingredients out or tweak recipes for your specific goals or calorie needs

  • Grocery lists included to make it as easy as possible for you to follow!

  • Health focuses: Anti-inflammatory, gut healing, and hormone balancing

I joined The Healthy Perfectionist Group Coaching Program to support my nutrition and try to reach some specific goals with my habits.  I was also looking to be challenged and let go of some of "perfectionist" tendencies particularly when dealing with my nutrition, body image and aging. I loved this group it really created a space for vulnerability and deeper sharing. It was nice to be able to share with other women of all ages and know that some of these feelings are very much universal! Through supporting one another we can learn to set aside the need to be "perfect" and see that we really each do have gifts that are so important to this world. I’m excited to continue this personal journey of offering grace and self-care to myself.  



Dates & times for the calls  will be determined the week before and are based upon member availability. The group will cap out at 10 women to allow plenty of space for you to get personalized support and attention each week! 

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Bonus Resources Included


Self Care is not selfish! As perfectionists, resting without guilt can be a challenge. We LOVE productivity, but through this challenge I want to show you just how productive taking time for yourself can be. In this workbook I provide you with different ways to practice self-care daily - it's not just bubble baths and spa trips! We'll be diving into emotional, practical, physical, mental, social & spiritual self care practices so you can feel your best and show up for everyone else better!


One of the reasons we get so stressed out on our health journeys is because we aren't accepting of where we are in the moment. If you're feeling desperate to change your body or are trying to control how your body looks, you bet anxiety is going to be a part of the journey. This workbook is designed to get you thinking about your motives for your health journey and your relationship with your body. We'll begin reframing your mindset so you can approach your nutrition and habits from a place of love!   


I joined The Healthy Perfectionist group to connect with others who had similar nutritional concerns, to help break habits and build confidence in living a healthy lifestyle. My whole life I have been a yo-yo dieter, trying this, trying that - I wanted to live and live well. I really enjoyed the group coaching calls. Even though our stories may be different the needs and messages are so similar. I was encouraged by listening to others to feel less "alone" and celebrate wins! I am not obsessing on a daily basis what I am eating or doing anymore. I am eating more to nourish my body and learned to be proud of my strengths and health!

Dr. Sarah


After working with Christy 1 on 1 , I decided to try group coaching because I really wanted to understand how other women think and feel. This program was so great! I absolutely loved speaking to the other women in the group and I learned that I am SO not alone! Everyone faces the same negatives thoughts - of course to varying degrees - and everyone struggles with body image and self love. Talking through my own challenges and having the other women agree that they go through the same things I had gone through and providing advice on how they overcame it was invaluable. I am the most proud of being vulnerable in front of others. It's hard for me to drop the facade of being perfect so to open up was a huge win!



Ready to break free from perfectionism and feel your best?
One Time Investment: $297
*Payment Plans Available

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What are the group session calls like? What If I can't make them?
On each session call you will get an opportunity to ask questions and get coached! Participation and open discussion is encouraged. This is a safe space to share your wins, struggles and concerns.  If you cannot make the calls don't stress! We will be there in the Facebook group for you to get the support you need. 

What if I don't want to follow the meal plan? 
The meal plan is a resource for you to utilize, but not a requirement. If you have dietary restrictions or have found a nutritional approach that works for you this program will still benefit you! You'll still get accountability each week with meal prepping and mindset coaching on anything that is coming up with your relationship to food or struggles you're facing with your diet.

When do I have to join by?
Enrollment officially closes June 16th
, 2023 or once all spots are filled! 

Have other questions? E-mail me at I'd love to chat with you and see if this is a good fit! 

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