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 Private Coaching

It's time to feel good again.

You can feel calm, healthy and confident in your skin and I’m going to show you how.

I get it. Life can be frustrating when you don’t feel good mentally or physically. 


Maybe it’s anxiety that keeps you from enjoying the present moment, panic attacks that make you fear public places or poor body image that keeps you from wearing shorts.

Maybe it’s weight gain that makes you hate the way you look in pictures, digestive issues that pop up at the worst times, or a lack of healthy boundaries in your life that leaves you burnt out and exhausted

You want to be free of anxiety and feel good in your skin, but your body and mind don't seem to be cooperating. 

Anxious thoughts make you feel exhausted and overwhelmed.

Your inner mean girl is constantly beating you up.

Stress leads you to emotionally eat and self-sabotage.

You struggle to stay consistent with your nutrition and healthy habits.


Nodding your head yes?  If so, it’s time to approach things differently!


“I've FINALLY gotten a consistent period. I've been able to decrease/get off medication that I've been on for years. Most importantly, I've become comfortable in my own skin again, which has always been a struggle for me. I've gone from crying in the dressing room to checking out my progress pictures!"


"My whole life has changed and I feel stronger than I have in years. Y’ abs are coming BACK.  I have passions that I am actually working towards and learning to stop doubting myself. I am finally learning to love myself fully and understand who I am as a person. I am feeling so much better about myself."


Holistic Health Makeover Program

This program is designed to get to the root of your issues, so you can tackle them once and for all and finally FEEL good. 


Together, we'll:

  • Find a balanced way of eating that works for your unique body and goals.

  • Develop consistent habits and routines that decrease your stress levels and make you feel energized

  • Rewire negative thought patterns and beliefs that are keeping you filled with anxiety 

Personalized Health & Life Coaching

“I’m starting to squeeze into single digit jeans again and can just see my face thinning. Also, my GI issues have been under control! I'm feeling less bloated, having less urgent feelings, finding foods that satisfy and taste good, and I realize I have more energy with little or no caffeine! When I entered this year I said I wanted to be able to wear a crop top, since starting this journey with Christy, this is the most confident I’ve felt in years. Christy was a great coach to work with. Her compassion and flexibility made this a lifetime change for me. She let me air out my issues and excuses, and found ways to work them into our program. I think talking to her has been better than therapy, and I’ve don’t a lot of therapy lol…"

One of the things a lot of people get wrong when trying to improve their mental and physical health, is jumping on the bandwagon and following cookie cutter solutions.


Everyone is unique and what works for one person, doesn’t always work for another. These one size fits all programs may get you results, but they are usually short lived and don’t lead to long lasting change. 


But, that’s not you anymore… you’re ready to go all in and give yourself the support and attention you deserve! 

“Working with Christy was INCREDIBLE. Having accountability was a game-changer for me and having someone that could answer my questions whenever they popped up was amazing. This wasn't some instant diet or a program that I needed to buy all of these special powders for. This was just real food and forming real habits that yielded real results . 


How I Help My Clients Get Long Lasting Results

The #1 secret tool I teach my private coaching clients is how to harness the power of their mindset. Believe it or not, you do have control over your thoughts and each thought you believe is either driving you closer or further away from achieving your goal. When you have the right approach and mindset in place, there’s nothing that can stop you from feeling your best!  I take a holistic approach with each client because everything in life is more connected than you may think! We'll incorporate the following areas: nutrition, movement, self care, daily habits and routines, environment, connections, fun, and faith.


It really isn’t all about food (although she helped me to realize how important food can truly be!) but mental health is just as important, if not more. I loved this program!


Throughout each session I was stepping more into what I truly wanted out of life and who I wanted to be and I have been very encouraged to be my authentic self


Life gets crazy, but she helped me have a better mindset. She showed me there is so much more to my health than just exercise and eating right.

The details. 

Accountability / Private Support

I’ll be by your side guiding you, encouraging you and listening to how you are feeling during each phase of the journey. You'll get bi-weekly 1 hour long coaching session via zoom to tackle any concerns that are coming up, celebrate your progress, and set new action steps. 

Unlimited Coaching via Voxer 
Accountability is EVERYTHING! You are not on your own between sessions. I encourage you to text or voice note me any wins you’ve experienced, questions you have or if you simply just need to talk something out.

Custom Nutritional Guidance

During the program we will utilize an online food log. This helps me get a better understanding of what you are eating so I can suggest dietary shifts to improve your overall health. This tool also helps hold you accountable and learn what foods work for your body. *Option to add on a custom meal guide for your specific goals.

Bonus Resources

  • Whole Foods Recipe Ebook + Meal Planning Guide

  • Time Management Ebook

  • Journaling prompts/Worksheets

What clients are saying!

Working with Christy was INCREDIBLE. Having  accountability was a game-changer. I don't struggle with emotional eating and I've been able to overcome mindset blocks. I  enjoyed  being able to have someone in my corner and someone I could count on to share personal and private things with.  I've FINALLY gotten a consistent period. I've been able to decrease/get off medication that I've been on for years. I've learned about the value of using wholesome, real ingredients. Most importantly, I've become comfortable in my own skin again, which has always been a struggle for me. I've gone from crying in the dressing room to checking out my progress pictures. 



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Nothing changes if nothing changes.

Take the first step to feeling better by scheduling a FREE 50 minute discovery call. I would love to meet you and see how I might be able to help you.

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